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The Quartz Homes Way

our design to build process

Our design process begins with listening to your ideas. We take time to listen to your living space needs and the ideas you have for your future home. We work through a buildup of steps from concept sketches to finished photo real images to ensure you are fully comfortable with everything, all before your construction plans and drawings are finalized. Please explore our 6-step design to build process. Click on each box below to learn more.

Learn About your Needs and Ideas

We begin our process by scheduling an initial design session where we listen and look at your ideas and needs for your future home.  Together, we will look at floor plans and home style ideas. We will ask questions to get full understanding of the features, spaces and qualities that you expect in your home. 

  • Initial learning session

  • Follow-up review and further learning session

Characteristics of a Quartz Home

At Quartz Homes we don't build the typical traditional style home. We design for function and comfort by focusing on spaces and amenities to create a sense of simplicity and practical elegance. ​Our homes are 

safe, enduring, and efficiency by our use of current materials and build techniques proven to produce healthy high quality homes.

Living Room

A Little Modern

Clean lines & modern materials for a touch of elegant simplicity. 


A Little Rustic

Natural materials & woods to add a touch of warmth.

Green Energy Turbines

Always Sustainable

Use only the best materials and techniques for a safe, healthy, and enduring home.

  • What areas does Quartz Homes cover?
    At the moment we are building in Union and Towns counties Georgia, and Cherokee county in North Carolina.
  • Does Quartz Homes have a design center?
    Not currently, we are in the planning process to build our new design center next year. However, we successfully accommodate design selections in a variety of ways with our clients.
  • Does Quartz Homes offer fixed price?
    Yes. We work with our clients in different ways and can structure a home build as a guaranteed fixed price contract.
  • Does Quartz Homes offer existing plans?
    Yes. We have a private collection of plans available to view on request.
  • Does Quartz Homes offer any warranty on the homes built?
    All the homes we build and sell come with a one year whole-home warranty and 10 years structural.
  • Is Quartz Homes licensed?
    Yes. We are licensed in Georgia and North Carolina.
  • What types of projects does Quartz Homes take on?
    We mainly stay focused on high-end to luxury custom homes ranging form $550,000 to over a million. We also take on full house remodels and additions, depending on the size of the project and quality of finishes expected.
  • What makes Quartz Homes different from other area builders?
    We are a full service design build firm, meaning we design and build true custom homes with no limitations on designs and construction. We are not a volume builder and are selective with the clients we take on so we can give them the focus and attention they deserve. We are also one of the few area builders focused on building sciences, a practice that ensures healthier more durable homes.
  • Does Quartz Homes sell inventory or spec homes?
    Yes, we build move in ready inventory homes throughout the year. Please reach out to inquire about our upcoming builds.
  • Is there a cost for an initial meeting?
    No. We typically will have an initial meeting where we get to know you a bit and determine if we are a good fit for your project.
  • Do I need to have already purchased land to work with Quartz Homes?
    No. We have a licensed real estate agent in-house who can help you find a property.
  • How is fixed price different from other methods of construction contracts?
    A fixed price contract is only possible when complete and thorough architectural designs have been created and construction budgets and plans locked down. Under fixed price, changes of any kind cannot be accommodated once construction begins. There are also built in cost buffers to the construction budget, meaning a percentage markup to cover potential material cost and labor increases during construction. Cost plus fee or cost plus percentage contracts are the actual cost of construction plus a fixed fee or a percentage mark up on costs. These contracts are much more flexible than fixed price in that change orders are accommodated, even after construction begins. Overall cost is less than with fixed price because the percentage markup to cover potential material and labor cost increases is not necessary.
  • Does Quartz Homes follow a process methodology?
    Yes, we never wing it or build without a plan or process. To learn more please visit our process page.
  • Are there limits to home designs?
    Not by us. The only limitations on a custom home are your budget and site. We design true custom homes specific to your lot and style, needs, and budget.
  • How long does a custom build take?
    Depending on the size of the home, eight to twelve months, end to end. This includes design, financing if needed, and construction.
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