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What you don’t see in your home matters...

The Quartz Homes Quality Promise

Regardless of its size, a home is the biggest investment most people make. The value of that investment is made up of much more than just nice cabinets, counters and floors. The quality of Quartz Homes built home is found in the details, materials, techniques, processes used to build your home. 

When we build a home it will be one of exceptional quality of the highest craftsmanship, built with only the best materials, we will never use materials that are of questionable or of any concern for safety, health, and value. We implement Building Sciences practices, which means that your new home will be designed and built to standards well above other homes in the market today; your new home will be healthier and safe, of better quality, better comfort, and better durability. It also means that your new home is a better value for today, and a better investment for tomorrow. 


"A house that does not becomes a burden over time adds to your quality of life, your feeling of home, and it's value.”

Our Warranty

Why buy a used home and risk potential hazards and costs? When you have a home built by or buy a home from Quartz Homes or , you are buying peace of mind and assurance that your home is safe and cost efficient to own. Our homes come with a 10-year warranty against major structural defects not caused by natural events and a 1-year warranty against defects related to workmanship. 

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QH Construction Standards


Your home's efficiency and future value largely depends on how well it will hold up over time and that is determined by how the house is structurally built.   Did you know that ​North Georgia sits in an earthquake region and that it is common to occasionally see tropical storm level winds? Quartz builds above minimum building codes and we don’t ever cut corners to ensure the strongest and most efficient structure. All of our homes are built with the following standards:


  • Solid concrete foundation walls for maximum strength, stability, and durabilty.

  • Insulated foundation walls to keep basement or crawlspace thermally balanced.

  • Fitted with proper drainage for a dry healthy foundation that prevents mold.

  • Above code attachment of floor structure to foundation provides stronger protection against winds and earth shifts.

  • For crawlspace foundations, fully moisture encapsulated and air conditioned.

Exterior Walls

  • ​​2" x 6” and 2" x 8"construction that provides more room for insulation and a stronger structure.

  • Heavy duty framing at every corner of the building for uplift and seismic strength.

  • ​Extra nails and fasteners for stronger walls and joints against winds and temperature changes. 

  • ​Insulated water resistant sheeting with sealed seams that prevent rot and mold if water gets behind siding.


  • Engineered I-beams and girders for stable, stronger, more durable floors.

  • Advanced highly water resistant sub-flooring, resists rot and water damage.


  • Engineered to withstand above average wind and snow loads for the region.

  • ​Water resistant sheeting with sealed seams that prevent rot and mold if water gets behind siding.

  • Architectural asphalt shingles and standing seam metal roofs that outlast any other type of roof.

Energy Efficiency

​Building energy efficient home requires a combination of design, materials and construction techniques to achieve optimal efficiency. Quartz Homes builds sustainably and to exceed ENERGY STAR®, Indoor Airplus®, and WaterSense® standards. We implement the latest building sciences techniques to ensure our homes are designed with health, safety, and efficiency top of mind.


Quartz has taken a new approach to finishes of our models, with a focus on creating practical easy to maintain homes. Many traditional finishes and materials are all but that, so we design for contemporary and modern design finishes with certain characteristics. Please see our Finish Levels that you can choose from. We also don't do "cookie cutter" construction. All of our models are designed with unique custom features that you will only find in a Quartz home. Here are some of our finish qualities:

  • We fit all our home exteriors with 100% waterproof long lasting low maintenance materials that bring your cost of ownership down.

  • Insulated core entry and garage doors.

  • All kitchen cabinetry is custom built of hardwood plywood and premium hinges and drawer slides.

  • All counter tops and vanities are solid surface.




Other Builders, Things to Look out For

Building to minimum code standards does not mean you are getting a quality home, just one that meets the legal code requirements. Minimum codes exist to establish a baseline so homes built are minimally safe and habitable; however they do not ensure quality, long lasting buildings, low maintenance, and most importantly healthy air. The decisions we at quartz Homes have made to exceed standard building codes is to achieve true quality for our homes, but unfortunately not all home builders follow the same thinking. Here are some examples of building to minimum codes that results in poor quality and some misleading things to lookout for in a home.

Thin Exterior Walls

Many builders cut costs by building exterior walls out of 2" x 4" lumber and what that means is there is only 3 1/2" for insulation. You may also hear that 3 1/2" for insulation is okay because of modern spray foam insulation; this is not true. The effectiveness of all residential insulation is still based on its overall thickness, so 3 1/2" of insulation will have a lower R-value than 5 1/2". Quartz homes are built from  a minimum 2" x 6" lumber and that provides 5 1/2" of exterior wall insulation.


Exterior Sheathing

Building codes allow for different materials to be used as the primary covering of the structural frame of your house, what is called the sheathing. Again to cut costs, many builders will use low-grade boards covered by a thin moisture barrier paper and siding is installed over that. Although meeting code, this type of wall construction has many flaws starting with the possibility for water to enter the wall cavity if there is a leak through the siding and is a potential source for mold. Quartz homes use advanced water resistant minimum 1/2" sheathing boards for walls and 5/8" for roof and we seal all board seams with a water impermeable tape.

Crawl Space

Here in the mountains most foundations are basement or crawlspace, the space underneath the floor structure down to the ground. Minimum code does not specify crawlspace drainage or air quality, however a Quartz home provides above average drainage to prevent potential water buildup and we only build encapsulated conditioned crawlspaces to prevent moisture build up and protect from mold and unsanitary conditions under your home.

Doors and Windows

Exterior doors and windows are a major source of heat loss and transfer. Minimum code standards do not ensure optimal energy efficiency through doors and windows. Quartz Homes are built with highest quality doors and windows possible for the homes price point. 

Low Quality, Unsafe Materials, Dated Building Practices


The way many builders produce lower bids on a given home project is by reducing three factors behind the cost of building a home.

  1. Use more unskilled labor

  2. Use lower quality materials

  3. Prioritizing speed over quality

Each of these will affect the overall quality and value of your home. So although your project might get built for less money, at what long term cost to you and your investment?

Materials and Building Practices

At any given moment, there are construction materials and building practices being used that are popular in their use that pose hazards to health and risk to projects and property values. Unless one is constantly on top of industry happenings and scrutinizing the status quo, it is easy to assume that commonly used materials and building techniques are safe and of sound quality. It was not more than a handful of decades ago that asbestos and lead paint were “status quo” materials; today it is common knowledge how dangerous they were. However, there was a time early on when the companies and individuals raising alarm over the safety of these materials were ignored and ridiculed. 


If a builder or designer does not talk to you about the following areas during pre construction processes, it should be seen as a big red flag.

  • Crawlspace encapsulation

  • VOC and off-gassing Materials

    • Insulations

    • Paints

    • Woods

    • Plastics

  • Capillary Effects of Water

  • Material Reactions and Incompatibility

  • Air Infiltrations and Quality

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